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A Good Long Day

Recently I got to spend an entire day in Hocking Hills, from long before sunrise to well after sunset. It was a full day of light and dark, fire and water, and solitude and new friends.

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Honey Runs Fast

Honey Run Falls in Knox County, Ohio was pretty slim the last time I visited. This past weekend, after a couple warm days melted all the snow and ice, it was really flowing. I got there early enough to have it to myself for over an hour. Well, except for that horse in the parking lot.

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Clean and Simple

The time between fall and winter when all the leaves are brown and the sky is gray (cough) is a messy, complicated time for landscape photography. Finding a clean and simple composition is a challenge. On my daily hike through Blendon Woods Metro Park I’ve been trying to do just that.

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Autumn Colors

I am mildly red/green colorblind which isn’t great for an amateur landscape photographer. Earlier this year I got a pair of Enchroma color correcting glasses and this is the first autumn I’ve gotten to see in full color. It’s freakin’ awesome!

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