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American Electric Power (AEP) owns 60,000 acres of land near Zanesville, Ohio that has been strip mined for coal. They’ve opened it to the public as reclaimed recreation, or ReCreation as they put it, land with hiking, biking, and horse riding trails, camping, and fishing. It also happens to have some the darkest skies you can find in Ohio.

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A Good Long Day

Recently I got to spend an entire day in Hocking Hills, from long before sunrise to well after sunset. It was a full day of light and dark, fire and water, and solitude and new friends.

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So many waterfalls

With the temperatures rising, the snow melting and the spring rains, uh, springing, the waterfalls of central Ohio are roaring. I’ve been seeking out every one I can find to photograph them at their fullest. I’ve even managed to find two falls that aren’t on the maps or in the guide books.

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Starry, starry night

Rose Lake in Hocking Hills, Ohio has skies dark enough to see and photograph the Milkyway. It’s past Milkyway season (yes, there’s a Milkyway season) here in Ohio, but we had a clear moonless night recently and I wasn’t about to waste it.
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