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Scouting Hocking Hills

About an hour south east of Columbus, Ohio is a holey land (because it’s limestone) of landscape photography – Hocking Hills.

In May, 2015 I went to scout a couple spots on Big Pine Road – Conkle’s Hollow and Big Spring Hollow. Conkle’s is a short, flat, paved trail and gets lots of traffic on a nice weekend. The hollow ends at a small but interesting waterfall.

Big Spring Hollow is just down the road to the East. I went left instead of right after crossing Pine Creek and actually ended up in Edison Hollow. Most of the trail you use to get there is shared with horses. Once you leave the trail and scramble down to the creek, it’s a short walk to a light but tall 90′ waterfall. It was tough to find a composition I liked, but it’s a beautiful, secluded spot so I’ll go back to try again. Next time I’ll try Big Spring Hollow too.