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Vertical Video

Love it or hate it, vertical video is becoming more than just people holding their phones incorrectly. More and more, the screens we look at the most are vertically oriented. Now that Instagram has broken out of the square, I wanted to try creating a time lapse video that fits in those vertical phone screens.

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Technical Merit

This isn’t the most compelling time lapse, but it is a technical success. I got the camera, the intervalometer, the Kindle and qDSLRDashboard all working together. The tripod was steady on the sand. The camera was level and lined up on where the sun would rise. I even remembered to put on bug repellent! Confident I can make the equipment work, now I can work on points for style.

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Inniswood Serendipity

Went back to Inniswood Metro Gardens yesterday morning with no plan other than wander around and photograph whatever grabs my attention. It worked out pretty well. Granted, you can point your camera almost anywhere in Inniswood can have a good photo. The gardens are amazing and the amount of work and dedication they require is humbling. Continue reading Inniswood Serendipity

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Inniswood Owl

I took my first trip to Inniswood Metro Gardens in Westerville, Ohio recently. In an effort to balance taking photos with enjoying the moment, I only took one camera and one lens, an old Rokkor 50mm f/1.4, expecting to get  photos of flowers and insects. The fantastic gardens had so much more to offer. DL Cade, editor of ISO on 500px, has written a great article about serendipity and planning in photography – Check it out and add your own story in the comments!

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