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Vertical Video

Love it or hate it, vertical video is becoming more than just people holding their phones incorrectly. More and more, the screens we look at the most are vertically oriented. Now that Instagram has broken out of the square, I wanted to try creating a time lapse video that fits in those vertical phone screens.

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Technical Merit

This isn’t the most compelling time lapse, but it is a technical success. I got the camera, the intervalometer, the Kindle and qDSLRDashboard all working together. The tripod was steady on the sand. The camera was level and lined up on where the sun would rise. I even remembered to put on bug repellent! Confident I can make the equipment work, now I can work on points for style.

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Goldenrod Meadow Clouds

Stepped outside yesterday evening and saw some very unusual undulating clouds. I grabbed my camera bag and tripod and rushed over to Blendon Woods Metro Park. The Goldenrod Trail meadow is full of chin-high wild flowers and has an open view to the south west where the clouds were heading. Time to time lapse. Continue reading Goldenrod Meadow Clouds