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Indian Run Winter

Behind Indian Run Falls

Not far from Hayden Falls in Dublin, Ohio, is another smaller waterfall called Indian Run. An especially cold February, 2015 left it frozen solid too.

Indian Runs Falls is about half the height of Hayden Falls and all of the park trails stick to the top of the gorge. Close to where a bridge crosses over the creek, there are several small waterfalls and pools. The gorge walls are steep and the day I was there, covered in ice and snow. To see the main falls from the bottom required climbing down near the end of the gorge and hiking back upstream to the falls.

Because the falls face north east, in the winter they are always back lit. The waterfall flows over an undercut cliff so when they’re frozen there’s a large passage that runs the entire width of the falls. The sun was behind the cliff, but high; all the light coming through the ice is reflected off the frozen pool in front.

The Panorama below is 12 shots taken in portrait with a 35mm Rokkor lens and a Panosaurus 2 . “Behind Frozen Indian Run Falls” is five shots taken at f5.6 and focus stacked.

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