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Frozen Hayden

Behind Hayden Falls

After a couple weeks of frigid temperatures in Feb. 2015, Hayden Falls in Dublin, Ohio was frozen solid.

Hayden Falls is a single large, 35 ft (11m), waterfall tucked into a gorge in the middle of a Columbus suburb. It’s easy to access thanks to stairs and a boardwalk constructed by the city parks department.

The day I was there the face of the falls was solid, but I could hear water flowing behind the ice and there was a good flow in the shallow creek. On the north side of the falls there was a shoulder width gap between the rock face and the ice. The morning sun came through thin areas in the ice and cast a blue-green light in the gap.

A heavy snow had left large mounds of snow on the rocks in the creek. The blue-white snow contrasted with the yellow-black creek bed rocks.

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