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Cedar, uh, Rocks

After scouting another potential astrophotography spot in Hocking Hills, Ohio, I went to nearby Cedar Falls. There were no falls. It’s been so dry that there was barely a drop of water where the waterfall should be. I took the opportunity to photograph Cedar Interesting-Shaped-Cliff and a dry creek bed. Continue reading Cedar, uh, Rocks

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Being There

Feeling uninspired? Wondering how you’re going to revolutionize photography with your next shot? Can’t figure out exactly where and when to shoot? Stop. You’re not going to figure it out at home. Get outside and photograph something. Get up early or stay up late and look for a subject. Oh, and chances are you’ll never revolutionize photography sitting at your kitchen table, so stop worrying about it. Continue reading Being There

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Post processing is as much a part of photography as composition and it always has been. It is one of the things that elevates a snapshot to art. It’s why I say I create photos instead of taking them. In my own post processing I always strive to find a balance between the fact and the fiction. Finding that balance can be a challenge.

Continue reading Finishing