Ohio Waterfalls Map

Below is a work-in-progress map of the Ohio Waterfalls I’ve photographed. I’ll be adding more and the locations of future trips as I get time. If there are features or information you think would be helpful, leave a comment below. Thanks.

For even more great online resources for Ohio waterfall info check out these links:

http://www.naturalohioadventures.com/ and on Intagram @naturalohio

http://www.myohioadventure.net/index.html  and on Instagram @myohioadventure


http://www.ohioexplored.com/ and on Instagram @ohioexplored

With the pointer over the map, use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out and click and drag to move around.

Blue are waterfalls I’ve visited and red are ones I plan to visit. Click the little flags for more info.