Look Arounds

I’ve started making 360 degree interactive panoramic photos of the cool Ohio places I visit and this page is going to be a gallery for them.

Click the big Play buttons below to open each panorama. Click and drag (slowly) to move the view around and middle mouse scroll to zoom in and out. Give them a few seconds to load, they’re big files. To close the pano, click the ‘X’ in the upper right or hit the ‘Esc’ key on your keyboard.



Wedgewood Hills Park Falls, Dublin, Ohio – 2-16-2018

After a couple days of warmer temperatures and lots of rain, the little hidden waterfall in Wedgewood Hills Park was really flowing. I actually prefer this falls with a little less water because then you can see the unusual rock column in the center of the falls. This one can be a little tricky to get to because the slope into the gorge is so steep. If you visit, be extra careful.


Lower Falls Old Man’s Cave, Hocking Hills, Ohio – 2-15-2018

Visited Old Man’s Cave in Hocking Hills this morning and there was a super dense fog in the hollow. Even though it was almost 60 degrees (15C), every trail, bridge, and stairs was covered in slick, wet ice. It made getting around a little tricky.


Subway Falls, Hocking Hills, Ohio – 2-3-2018

Exploring off trail again with weekend with @elle_pollard, @big4ord, @paulnuzum and @happyappalachy  we found this unusual double falls at the end of a medium sized side hollow. It’s tall, narrow, curving shape made Paul think of a subway station so we’re calling it Subway Falls.

Unnamed Falls Two Bob Falls, Hocking Hills, Ohio – 1-21-2018

Before getting to the unnamed falls below, @elle_pollard, @big4ord, @jbigford , @paulnuzum and I came across this 90′ (27m) unnamed beauty. The overhang cave behind this one is big. You can see Elle, Julie, and Paul in the pano for scale. Unofficially, I’m naming this one Bob. Bob Falls.

Unnamed Falls, Hocking Hills, Ohio – 1-21-2018

Sunday I revisited this unnamed waterfall with @elle_pollard, @big4ord, @jbigford and @paulnuzum The ice pile was much larger than it was a week ago, but was cracking and melting fast. This pano is the view inside the overhang cave behind the frozen falls.



Really Hidden Falls, Hocking Hills, Ohio – 1-18-2018

Close to Cedar Falls is a small, hidden slot canyon falls upstream from Hidden Falls that I call Really Hidden Falls. Normally it’s inaccessible because of a 10′ (3m) deep pool and the narrow, crooked entrance. On a recent visit I found the pool and creek frozen over enough to get in and see it. It’s a very small space and the camera was close to the left-hand wall. This made it difficult for the panorama software to stitch the photos together so you’ll see some repeating parts, “ghosting”, on that side of the pano.


Ash Cave, Hocking Hills, Ohio – 1-18-2018

Yes, this was a very productive day. This is the third 360 pano I made that day. A weekday morning right after sunrise when it’s 8°F (-13°C) is a good time to have Ash Cave to yourself. After awhile, the birds who nest in the cave walls figured I wasn’t a threat and went about their food search sometimes landing just a few feet from me.


Cedar Falls, Hocking Hills, Ohio – 1-18-2018

On a breathtaking Thursday morning, I had the usually very popular Cedar Falls to myself for over an hour. The ice was thick enough to let me get partway out onto the pool.