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On a recent visit to Hocking Hills, I took along a panoramic tripod head and a fisheye lens to create a 360 degree interactive photo. The results are good enough for me to want to create more of these virtual tours of the Ohio adventure spots I explore.

It took about six hours to hike into and back out of this and one other neighboring unnamed Hocking Hills hollow, but you can look around just by clicking and dragging in the photo below.Click the play button below to open the 360 degree panorama. You can also use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

UPDATE: 1-18-2018

Hocking Hills was a winter wonderland this morning and I took my panoramic head and fisheye lens to Cedar Falls. Click the Play button below to see a frozen Cedar Falls in full 360 degrees. Give it a few seconds to load, it’s a big photo. Click and drag to look around and middle mouse wheel (or pinch zoom on a phone) to zoom in and out.

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