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Deep greens and blues

You need really dark skies to photograph the Milky Way. Recently I’ve been so preoccupied with improving my Milky Way photography that I’ve dismissed taking photos on clear nights if the moon is out. Turns out I was missing what these beautiful, clear, moonlit nights had to show me.

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Star Trails

Astrophotography is much more appealing if you include an interesting foreground element. There’s an abandoned schoolhouse just 15 miles east of Columbus that sits under a surprisingly dark sky. On a clear moonless night I went to see if I could create a star trails photo there.

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Vertical Video

Love it or hate it, vertical video is becoming more than just people holding their phones incorrectly. More and more, the screens we look at the most are vertically oriented. Now that Instagram has broken out of the square, I wanted to try creating a time lapse video that fits in those vertical phone screens.

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