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Stars For Days

For the past three days there’s been a rare confluence of weather and moon that’s allowed those of us interested in astrophotography, and willing to get up at inhumane hours, a chance to capture some nice Milky Way shots. I took advantage and went to Hocking Hills twice to try a new technique, try a new location and find yet another new location to try next time the moon and weather coordinate. Continue reading Stars For Days

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A Good Long Day

Recently I got to spend an entire day in Hocking Hills, from long before sunrise to well after sunset. It was a full day of light and dark, fire and water, and solitude and new friends.

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Star Trails

Astrophotography is much more appealing if you include an interesting foreground element. There’s an abandoned schoolhouse just 15 miles east of Columbus that sits under a surprisingly dark sky. On a clear moonless night I went to see if I could create a star trails photo there.

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Starry, starry night

Rose Lake in Hocking Hills, Ohio has skies dark enough to see and photograph the Milkyway. It’s past Milkyway season (yes, there’s a Milkyway season) here in Ohio, but we had a clear moonless night recently and I wasn’t about to waste it.
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